We used to a miserable marriage, my lovely husband totally changed into something else! We could rarely talk at home, something simple could cause a fight, after listening and reading various testimonials from people about Uncle Muye Kolo’s work in the newspaper. I called him and arranged to visit him at his home. On my arrival, I was shocked when Uncle Muye Kolo accurately told me about my past and present problems and revealed that my husband was in a relationship with another woman and that this other woman had put a spell on him to ignore me and our children. Uncle Muye Kolo performed a special prayer for me, cleansed me from bad omen and also gave me love spells and a special bit of oilthat was to assist fix our marriage problems. Two days after the prayer my husband came back home and confessed, He asked for forgiveness and he promised to change so that he’s there for me and my children. I am more in love with my husband and our marriage challenges have stopped. Is your loved one cheating on you, or you want him/her back.

Let Uncle Muye Kolo load off your burden.

“I am highly professional upon my work, privacy and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed to you. Is it a family problem, promotions at work, you need to cleanse your house or you want protection from your enemy, you’re sick of something you are not sure about, call me for a free guidance and help. Parking and secure environment is guaranteed.


Uncle Muye Kolo is truly sent to save us all.

He saved my daughters marriage without charging us.

My name is Sumaya Khan. I am resident of Kloof. My daughter fell in love with a non-Muslim boy and his family never loved us despite the fact that they both bared a son. Her mother-in-law was always fighting, accusing my daughter every time. It was until my brother Saidi Khan advised us to see Uncle Muye Kolo, which we went to him. When we met at his beautiful home in Umhlanga Rocks, Uncle Muye Kolo opened his holy books and prayed for peace for my daughter’s marriage. After a few days later, they loved my daughter and my daughter is peaceful again. I highly recommend Uncle Muye Kolo


*He saved my daughters marriage without charging us*

My name is Trisha Pillay. I am a resident of Durban North. My daughter loved her husband dearly but his family was always coming in their way, her mother-in-law was always fighting with her. My sister advised us to see Uncle Muye Kolo, we went to him at his home, he prayed for peace for my daughter’s marriage and after a few days her mother-in-law stopped fighting with her.

I highly recommend Uncle Muye Kolo. He also specializes in bringing back lost lovers.


He brought my husband back after 7 years of separation.

The endless fights I had with my husband to 7 years of separation. As a single parent, I struggled caring for my kids and I nearly committed suicide but I thought about my family. My mother then advised me to seek help from Uncle Muye Kolo. I was touched by supernatural miracles and testimonials from different people in my community he had helped. I was interested in the Indian Crystals that helped most of Uncle Muye Kolo’s clients live happily. Amazingly, they can help people (at home and at work) to like you, listen to you and do for you whatever you want from them without asking any questions.

I paid R100 consultation fee and he read my fortune accurately. I was shocked when he showed me all my problems in the mirror and water. He then performed a special prayer, cleansed me from bad omen and gave me powerful love crystals, ashes from India plus a special ring (to fix my financial problems. Unexpectedly, I was surprised that my husband had returned to me a few days after Uncle Muye Kolo’s prayer and today we are a happily married couple. I highly recommend his services. I have since referred him to many people who he has also helped.


UNCLE MUYE KOLO also offers many other services.. work crisis health problems and more..

Open: Monday to Sunday


Uncle Muye Kolo saved my relationship within one visit to him. Now there is peace and love in my marriage. My husband listens, respects me and don’t cheat anymore.

My mother-in-law treats me so well and does not interfere my marriage life anymore. My children are happy and doing so well in school. My elder son quit drugs and is doing so well in our family business. He is getting married to his long time girlfriend. Thank you Uncle Muye Kolo for bringing peace, love, joy and happiness into my life.


It’s true Uncle Muye Kolo does not charge for his healing, he only does it for God’s sake.

Dear readers, my name is Khadijja, I am a moslem from Overport, I couldn’t believe it at first but after I saw that Uncle Muye Kolo is a man that does it for God’s sake.

I picked interest and decided to consult with him regarding our daughter’s marriage, she was living in joburg for the past 10 years without anyone marrying her. That’s when we had to seek help from the Uncle Muye Kolo.

Uncle Muye Kolo only prayed, read our scriptures from his holy book, and our daughter got married to the one she loved most without charging us money, he never wasted our time, it all happened in just a few days.

I highly recommend you to see this South African born, spiritual holy man at his beautiful home in Umhlanga Rocks.



Special prayers for your past, present and future. Uncle Muye Kolo can read your future. See all of you problems in a special pot of water. He can catch the evil and bring good back to the unfortunate. Everyone is born lucky but jealous enemies can destroy your luck in many ways.

  • Has your lover left you for someone else or is she or he acting strange these days?
  • Is your business not picking up or are you not having customers for your business (bad spell)?
  • Do you have any family problems that make you fight or quarrel all the time with no peace at home?
  • Do you need protection for your property, car, etc. over jealous people?
  • Is your lover not pleased with your sex life??!!
  • Do you want a special oil for cleansing and winning anything from casinos, tenders, etc.